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The Railway Inn presents

Hornblower Down

Hornblower Down are Claire Rose, Marcus Whitfield, Skip Bartlett and Jim Glaister
Platform 1
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Hornblower Down


A booking fee of 11% will be added to each ticket order. This fee goes straight to maintaining the venue.

High-energy, Winchester-based rock band with an emphasis on fun. Hornblower Down refuses to be restricted by simple genre definitions. A melting-pot of musical creativity, with all four members contributing to the songwriting and arrangements, the sound of the band keeps evolving. For instance, within their repertoire ballads can be found sitting side-by-side with catchy riff-based rock numbers, feel-good reggae and openly humorous pop tunes, meaning Hornblower Down can be difficult to pigeon-hole. Only one thing is certain: see them live and you’ll have a good time!