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The Railway Inn presents

Misplaced Neighbourhood (Marillion Tribute) * CANCELLED *

Named in homage to Marillion's biggest-selling album

Named in homage to Marillion’s biggest-selling album, with a nod to the geographical separation of the members across Norway, Misplaced Neighbourhood have been performing together now for two decades. Their live reputation (check out the tracks from their 2009 DVD on their YouTube channel) is such that Marillion fanclub, The Web Scandinavia, have twice booked them to play pre- and post-shows for Marillion themselves in Oslo, and Marillion’s own guitarist, Steve Rothery, has performed with the Neighbours on multiple occasions.

Focusing mainly on the much-loved era when Marillion were fronted by larger-than-life Scotsman, Fish, and bound by their mutual affection for both Marillion and Monty Python, keep a sharp ear out for their regular but unpredictable Confuse-A-Crowd feature, which can range from an unexpected segue to playing the entirety of one song in the middle of a verse of another.

This is your one and only opportunity to catch them in the UK, and they promise that there will be no repetition of the unfortunate events of 793 AD.