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The Railway Inn presents

Just Like Clay

After their electrifying spontaneous set at Glastonbury Festival 2023, the two dynamic fusion groups The Trouble Notes and Good Habits are reuniting to take the UK by storm this summer! 
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Just Like Clay is an indie-folk-pop band that combines virtuosic instrumental skills with captivating songwriting to bring their audience on a cathartic journey to overcome self-doubt and promote a stalwart message of togetherness. Featuring a cast of international musicians, the group’s blend of experience and instrumentation sets them apart from others in the genre. Expect a high-energy fusion of anthemic folk-pop that takes audiences on a journey of catharsis and celebration, blending the diverse, cross-cultural backgrounds of its exceptionally talented members.

Fronted by Bennet and Bonnie’s vocals, violin, and cello, these typically classical/folk instruments find themselves dancing and soaring within a cathartic and celebratory indie-rock soundscape. Elevating the strings are Florian’s indie electric guitar soundscapes and driving acoustic guitar rhythms which combine with Peter’s mesmerizing multi-talented combination of accordion and drumming to create an experience that is as exciting to watch as it is to hear. Each performance showcases the virtuosic abilities of the musicians, weaving captivating stories through their music. Themes of hope, resilience, self-belief, and community are at the core of their songs, focusing on connection despite the challenges of the world.

Born in the fields of Glastonbury Festival 2023, two globe-trotting groups, ‘The Trouble Notes‘ and ‘Good Habits‘, joined forces for an impromptu set, combining their unique styles of joyous, string-led folk fusion. The synergy was so compelling that they reconvened a year later to form the brand new band Just Like Clay. This summer they will burst onto the scene with performances at some of UK and Europe’s largest festivals. They come wielding huge momentum and excitement for what the future has in store for the new group.