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The Railway Inn presents

The Ramonas

The Ramonas are the very best in tribute acts to the iconic New York forerunners of punk; The Ramones.
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The Ramonas


A booking fee of 11% will be added to each ticket order. This fee goes straight to maintaining the venue.

The band began in 2004 and has since evolved into the ultimate re-creation of the 1976 spirit of the definite garage rock band. Known for high energy performances that thrill the audiences with all the classic songs, you better be going to see them play!

“Touring, Touring is never boring” and these girls are guaranteed to play high energy, full throttle one hour shows that’ll leave you buzzing for more of that 1976 spirit.

The Ramonas not only perform sets of Ramones tunes; since 2016 they have also written and released a number of self-penned albums and EP’s.

2024 will see The Ramonas performing your favourite Ramones hits along with new material from their latest album Haphazard.

“The Ramonas rocked hard – if there is such a title as best tribute act – then this band deserves the aforementioned accolade like no other! Frontwoman Cloey Ramona’s (no, everyone’s) performance was one hundred per cent physical and simply stunning.” – Louder Than War

Supporting them will be

Skinny Bob

Four strangers went to sleep on what seemed an ordinary evening… but on that night we were all taken by a bright light which felt like being blended with the fabric of space. Where we went and for how long we were gone, we don’t know. But we woke up the next day with a calling for what we must do. With riffs, licks and killer basslines rattling around in our heads, we all gravitated like zombies towards Jon’s Nan’s shed and set to work.

With our new found knowledge and a list of materials (though we still don’t know what to do with the Arab strap that James turned up wearing), the band was born!We’d love to take credit for what we do (and for copyright reasons we certainly will). But these songs did not come from us, they didn’t come from this planet, this galaxy or even this dimension and time. They came from the being known as Skinny Bob, he’s not like me or you but he clearly liked a bit of punk, bikers, bad trips and toxic relationships.